Letter: Uptick in violence is fueled by the media – Chico Enterprise-Record

To William Wong Foey: I am so sorry you were highly disrespected last month in this country that is yours just as much as mine. The uptick in violence against Asians is fueled by the media: point in case, the recent slaughter of Asian women in massage parlors. The two non-Asians killed were not mentioned beyond the first announcement of the event. Why? It would not stir up the emotions, sell papers, garner more viewers of TV/social media news. The offender himself said he had a sex addiction, and he was killing those tempting him. It had nothing to do with the women being Asian.

In today’s paper, in the story of the New Yorker who stomped on an Asian woman stated the suspect was Black. Why state his race? What difference does it make? Again, only to stir up emotions against one group of people.

The media has a responsibility to report the news as it occurs. Not to feature unnecessary information that may cause more problems.

Some of my family came here only two generations ago; others participated in the Revolutionary War. My husband immigrated here from Scotland about 55 years ago. Other than Native Americans, who of us is not of a culture or race from afar? The constant attention to our differences works against what America stands for. We – and the media – need to honor our different colors, languages, customs to foster respect, not decry the basic makeup of the United States.

— Kathy Steenson, Forest Ranch


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