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I want to share some positive news about Chico – specifically about YOUR City Animal Shelter.  I want to share a couple of recent stories about the excellent work of the City Animal Shelter staff.  I want to tell everyone about the positive things that go on every day and generally go unnoticed by the public.

Max and Lucy are two dogs that were rescued from the North Complex Fire, one year ago.  They came from the same home, which, unfortunately, was lost in the fire.  Their owners could not have dogs where they were staying and thought they would have to put their dogs up for adoption.  The staff at the Shelter took care of the dogs’ medical needs, found foster homes and last week the dogs were re-united with their owners.

Ruby, a German Sheppard that preferred only women, and didn’t appear approachable nor adoptable, spent three years at the shelter before a home in Paradise adopted her.  Most shelters would not care for a dog for that long.  Some shelters would consider a dog like that unadoptable and would euthanize her.  But this City Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter with staff that cares very deeply for the animals in their care.

Want another good story?  The annual Walk Woof Wag event will be held on Oct. 30.  This is a fundraiser for the Shelter’s medical fund.  Bring your dog to this fun family event at Bidwell Park and help support OUR Shelter.  Pre-registration is available at www.walkwoofwag.com

— Karen Holcomb, Chico


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