Letter: Second impeachment is as baseless as first – Chico Enterprise-Record

President Trump addressed what he thought would be a peaceful demonstration. He intended to draw attention to the last-minute illegal changes in multiple states polling procedures facilitating fraud in the voting process, particularly mail-in voting. He asked demonstrators to peacefully march to the Capitol building and to support and respect the Capitol Police. He said nothing incendiary.

Disregarding Trump’s directions, a small portion of demonstrators broke into the Capitol building. As violence erupted, Trump called on all the demonstrators to “go home peacefully” and activated the National Guard to restore order. Trump is not guilty of sedition. If anyone is guilty of sedition it is Democrats including the previous administration for weaponizing the DOJ, FBI, the media, and others in a well-documented and illegal attempt to reverse the results of the 2016 election.

The current second push to impeach President Trump is as baseless as the first. Unless the Democratic leadership want to inflame the division in this country further, they should drop impeachment and censure Maxine Watters and others who have actually advocated violence.

So what is the point of threatening impeachment? By monopolizing news cycles with “sedition” and “impeachment” Democrats hope to suppress scrutiny of their weak, socialistic policies and skeletons in their own closet. Where did the Hunter-Joe Biden investigation go? Has it gotten any coverage recently? If lucky, Democrats can distract Trump from appointing a special investigator into Hunter’s (and Joe’s) corruption. After Biden’s inauguration, the investigation will be suppressed and evaporate like Hilary’s corrupt email fiasco. –

— Brian Boswell, Chico


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