Letter: Oroville should keep its fire department – Chico Enterprise-Record

From what Mayor Reynolds told Action News recently, the Oroville City Council will be considering disbanding our local fire department and contracting with Cal Fire for the city’s fire protection.

This issue has come up in the past, and I have always strongly opposed it. For one thing, cities that contract with Cal Fire may begin at a lower cost, but the fees inevitably increase. This has occurred in many cities in our state.

Another problem is the city will still have to provide equipment; Cal Fire does not provide it. They would just purchase it and send the bill to the city. The cost of equipment such as fire engines and trucks is increasing rapidly, and the city will still have to pay for those things.

This is OUR fire department with a unique history spanning 165 years; it’s one of the oldest fire departments in California, second only to Sacramento City Fire Department.  Our friends and neighbors who work there have done their best to serve the city. Disbanding the fire department and cutting their jobs is poor repayment, indeed.

I encourage each member of the council to consider all the ramifications of losing Oroville’s fire department and to vote against it.

— Linda Draper, Oroville



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