Letter: Mixed bag on crime news in Chico – Chico Enterprise-Record

The front-page article on 2019 Chico crime was most welcome. Hopefully more reliable, accurate data will be published and Chico crime data will become more transparent. This will be essential information to help fix the problem.

The very good news is some very significant categories of crime, such as murder, aggravated assault and burglary have been reduced by 100%, 19% and 17% respectively. The bad / ugly statistics are that rape was up 16 % and vehicular theft jumped by 21%. In 2019, five more vehicles per month were stolen! The all-important category of larceny remained unchanged at a disturbing level of 1,753.

Some of the Chico crime categories, when compared to cities nationally and in California of similar size, would place the Chico crime rate at a very troubling level.

However, it is inevitable when making important decisions about life style and safe, comfortable places to live, work and retire that crime data and city demographics be given careful consideration.

— Terrance Wilson, Chico


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