Letter: Medicare for All is our best solution – Chico Enterprise-Record

The pandemic has revealed as perhaps nothing else could, the shortcomings of the American health care system. Our nurses, doctors and other health care workers have responded heroically but our health care system has failed them and it has failed us.

Our fragmented profit driven system was unprepared to deal with a health care emergency of this magnitude. Untold numbers of Americans have treatable “underlying medical conditions” which made them more susceptible to the virus and further stressed our already overburdened hospitals and providers.

The good news is that there is a solution: Medicare for All.

Medicare for All would provided comprehensive health care for all Americans. It would not be linked to employment so if you are laid off or unemployed you still have health insurance. It would allow for regional, statewide and national planning, which might not prevent a pandemic but would allow for a coherent response to one. By providing all Americans access to quality health care it could cure many “underlying conditions” reducing human suffering, and relieving pressure on a health care system already stressed to the max.

There is proposed legislation in the U.S. Senate to establish Medicare for All, introduced by Senator Sanders (S.1129) , and in the House introduced by Representative Jayapal (H.R. 1384).

Medicare for All would have us better prepared for the next pandemic or other public health emergency and would reduce human suffering and social costs during normal times.

— Tom Reed, Chico


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