Letter: International attention not good for Chico – Chico Enterprise-Record

Chico has just received international attention, but one of deep criticism and not praise. The Guardian, a London based daily newspaper founded in 1821, has turned its sights on the Chico Police Department: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/mar/12/chico-california-police-reform-defund-desmond-phillips.

The article reviews the history of 35 citizens killed in Butte County by law enforcement in the past 23 years, the one criminal indictment brought by District Attorney Ramsey and the failed attempt to achieve police dialog, transparency, and reform in the Mayors Ad Hoc Committee. Apparently the police view their performance as excellent, above reproach and deeply distrust the concept of any civilian oversight. Please read this piece and let us hope that the police and Chico citizens can achieve partnership and overcome mutual distrust.

— Julian Zener, Chico



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