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I recently had the unique opportunity to produce a KZFR 90.1FM/podcast segment (https://tinyurl.com/satdKZFR) on Solutions across the Divide. Here’s some nuggets from the episode…

“Sincere people can be wrong, and wrong people can be sincere. I know it sounds simple, but it’s more powerful than you think.” — Justin Lee, author of Talking Across the Divide: how to communicate with people you disagree with and maybe change the world

“Best practices comes out of many minds.” — Bob Trausch, co-founder of Chico Housing Action Team (CHAT)

“I think there are some solutions to be found in this town. Cuz there are a lot of people who care that are really smart people.” — Mike Wolcott, Editor at the Chico Enterprise-Record

“A big part of it is to getting people in the same room together. It’s really hard to call somebody a name, or even to identify a person as an enemy or a problem. The divide can be bridged by just being in the same room.” — Jason Cassidy, Editor at the Chico News & Review

“What’s your solution? Who have you listened to with opposing views, and how did you incorporate those views in your solution?” — Bill (Guillermo) Mash, KZFR 90.1FM

Thank you Bob, Jason and Mike for sharing your insights and views on how we can make Chico a better and more inclusive place to live, and to everyone in our community collaborating together across the divide.

— Bill Mash, Chico



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