Letter: Fuel duties will not help UK hit emissions target – Financial Times

Robert Shrimsley writes that the UK prime minister’s “own net zero agenda will demand increases in fuel duties, carbon border taxes and higher energy bills” (Opinion, July 22). This is not true.

As the Climate Calculator that WWF and Demos launched this week shows, fuel duties are entirely unnecessary — electric cars will be no more expensive than petrol cars by 2026 and will be the natural choice if there is an adequate charging network.

Higher energy bills will only be needed in the absence of tax-funded subsidy for the upfront costs of low carbon heating and insulation. And even carbon taxes and carbon border taxes need not hurt that much if their proceeds are paid out to cushion the impact on households.

Hitting the 2030 emissions target does not require painful political choices, just good organisation.

Charles Seaford
Barnard Castle, County Durham, UK


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