Letter: End of world = good news for termites? – Chico Enterprise-Record

Are you suffering from Armageddon anxiety? It’s an ugly side affect when you believe global warming is “soon” and “we’re doomed!”  Nine years … that is what Joe said … That’s all the time we have!  What’s scary is that Joe said this about a year ago. Eight then … after that, too late!

On the positive side, you don’t need to kill termites if your house is good enough to last nine … make that eight years.  And … why die with money? Buy a new car … sell the farm … roam the country in a new RV!

No matter how sure you and Joe are, please don’t paint a sign that says “THE END IS NEAR.”. Try something fresher … one that says,” Joe says we have 9 … 8 years until it’s too late” (with a red line through the 9 ).

I’m sorry this letter isn’t very uplifting, but it might do your heart good if you read a book by a scientist from the Obama administration. This scientist seems to be telling the straight scoop. Yes, he says, global warming is real … yes, the planet is warming … oceans rising. .. CO2 is getting worse … it’s all true.

The book title is, “Unsettled?” by Steven E. Koonin. The reason It can end your Armageddon anxiety is that it gives you much longer and more accurate timeline …  and it will save painting silly signs.

On the darker side, Joe will have to guess again, and you’ll again feel compelled to kill termites.

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— Ron Imhoff, Chico




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