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A recent letter expressed indignation at the “dishonest and appalling” media “declaring” the Biden victory, apparently preempting the “clearly-defined constitutional process,” and now the media must be held responsible for any ensuing civil disorder.

The media did not decide the results of the election. They REPORTED the results, as they have in every election in modern times. It’s what news media does; they report news. They did so in this case only after teams of independent election experts using objective data could mathematically determine a greater than 99% certainty of the outcome in each state. If you wish to dismiss a greater than 99% probability, you are free to do so.

As to the insinuation that “unique voting protocols” and “dirty voter rolls” cast such a shadow of corruption that the media should delay reporting results recorded by election officials, consider that Trump’s appeals to the courts, mostly before Republican appointed judges, are 0 for 13 to even proceed with a full hearing. When one judge insisted Trump’s lawyers declare whether they were alleging fraud, his attorney, knowing he could face fines or sanctions if he alleged falsehoods, replied “No. to my knowledge, at this time, there is no evidence.” Trump’s own senior federal election officials have called his claims of massive fraud “baffling, laughable, insulting,””wild and baseless” and “a hoax.”

If there is civil unrest, it will stem from Trump’s narcissistic attempts to undermine the core value of our democracy: confidence in free and fair elections.

— James Esh, Chico


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