Letter: Censorship does not belong in a democracy – Chico Enterprise-Record

We want to be living in a democracy! However, during this COVID time, I find news media on TV, radio, and online to be severely censored. Whole books and persons are banned from our knowledge. Censorship may be trying to save people from having “crazy” ideas, but WE are NOT doing the censorship!

Part of being free, in a democracy, is that we can make choices based on information that we can trust, not just from one source.  Today, I have to dig to find scientific facts that are truly tested, well sourced, and have peer reviews.

The execution of the censorship is done by Someone(s) who tells the media who and what to eliminate as information.  That Someone(s), evidently thinks we the people are dumb (perhaps true for many due to our poor educational system here).  Big Brother?

Many people don’t even know that they are “being protected from” information that they need to know in order to make good decisions for themselves. Big Brother knows what “he” wants you to know. It’s good for Someone(s) fame and fortune!

This is dangerous!  We often don’t like other people’s information or views. But, now there is one blaring voice telling everyone what to do, and our tax dollars are paying for it.

The misuse of ‘facts’ — statistics given without context — that is our “news” of late.  Question these things!  The facts are twisted and misleading, with nowhere else to turn.  Is this a democracy?

— Andrea Bowman, Chico


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