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Editor of the Reformer,

I did my civic duty this week filling out a form about quality of access to internet here in Windham. I now have DSL through the phone company and north Windham has a different service that I believe is much faster. Not long ago we only had dial up and many places in Vermont still have no access. Yesterday I got a notice from my local bank that unless I go to online banking I will be charged three dollars a month for a paper statement. They do make an exception if one is over 65. In the state of Vermont this seems unfair to the communities that lack good access. It did get me to thinking that if I am forced to do online banking why stay local? Full online banks pay much higher interest rates.

I’m hearing about all the concerns about the cable companies that may be coming here and many are worried about fees. Of note for me, Fairpoint was acquired by Consolidated Communications and my unchanged telephone service goes up in price about one dollar a month. This month it went up a little over two dollars. So yes the fees seem to be coming from everywhere.

Catherine Stover

Windham, Feb. 25



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