Letter: Appreciating newspaper as well as the newsprint – Chico Enterprise-Record

I love our newspaper.  I read it front to back every day. I enjoy comparing the written account with the broadcast news and appreciate the detail added by the written coverage. In addition to keeping me informed, the newspaper often stirs emotions.

I love the human interest stories and reading about the good done in the community as a contrast to the negative. Would love to see more about the active senior volunteers in our community.

Saturday’s newspaper stirred a different emotion. It was caused by the ad for a half-price sale of newspaper roll ends. Suddenly I was carried back to Kansas as the working mother of three – a 5-year-old and 3-year-old twins. My mother watched the kids after school and preschool until my husband and I got off work. To keep the kids busy she asked us to buy newspaper end rolls. Oh the wonderful pictures and projects that appeared.

Your ad reminded me of arriving to pick up the kids and finding each one sitting on the floor with a big piece of newsprint making paper flowers and hats and drawings. Of course my mother was the idea person behind each project but I can tell you those end rolls brought more busy and creative hours to my kids and joy to us than any of the expensive toys we bought.

Thanks for the memory and here is hoping that out-there somewhere there are still kids finding the challenge and inspiration of a large sheet of newsprint.

— Jackie McClain, Chico



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