Let us fly flags on St George’s Day, cab drivers say as they call for end to ‘bonkers’ ban

CAB drivers have hit back at a “bonkers” ban imposed on flying English flags as the nation celebrates St George’s Day.

The National Private Hire Association (NPHTA), which represents cabbies in London, have called for the rules governing flags to be lifted for 24 hours.

Cabbies have demanded that the 'bonkers' ban on flying flags be overturned for St George's Day


Cabbies have demanded that the ‘bonkers’ ban on flying flags be overturned for St George’s DayCredit: Alamy

Transport for London does not allow black cab drivers to display any patriotic material, with the threat of losing their licence if they defy the rules.

The St George’s Cross is covered by the organisation’s regulations on putting signs and advertising in taxis, which is strictly prohibited.

The ban stems from rules introduced in 2012 that allowed councils to ban flags on the grounds they could distract other drivers.

For years beforehand, drivers were allowed to decorate their motors in honour of St George’s Day as well as other national occasions.

But Dan Lawrie, director of the NPHTA, says it’s time for those guidelines to be rewritten.

He said: “When it comes to the ban on the English flag, it’s bonkers. 

“We live in England and we should be proud to represent our country.

“At what point do you consider political correctness to have gone too far?”

Mr Lawrie cited recent pro-Palestinian demonstrations in the capital, claiming that it was unfair drivers could not fly the English flag on the national day while protestors could “proudly display the flag of another country.”

His view was seemingly shared by some cabbies on the beat.

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Driver Barry Gardin told The Telegraph: “We should be able to have the flag.

“We are English. It’s our right.

“The Irish get to put up flags for St Patrick’s Day, and there have been all those Palestinian flags up recently.

“It’s hypocritical.”

TfL has been contacted for comment.

It comes after heroic bikers were left with a “bitter taste” when they were slapped with parking fines while delivering Easter eggs to sick children.


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