Legends of Tennis: Player Profiles

Legends of Tennis: Player Profiles.

Tennis is a sport with a long tradition. Dating back to the 12th century, it has entertained millions and millions of people. Believed by historians to originate from striking a ball with a palm of a hand, it grew to be one of the most popular sports over time. Even kings have played it! In fact, the King of France, Louis X, is history’s first tennis player known by name.

Such a noble origin might suggest that tennis players have class in their DNA. We can be sure of this — the game of tennis has seen many great athletes. This article is here to provide you with a few player profiles of the crème de la crème of tennis!

Novak Djokovic

This is no news that “Plastic Man” is one of the best tennis players today. With 17 Grand Slam titles under his belt, he has already surpassed tennis legends like Pete Sampras, Bjorn Borg, or Roy Emerson. Also, “Djoko” has the most wins in the Australian Open with eight victories. And, since he’s only 33, he still can win a few more!

What separates the Serbian player from the rest is his devotion to the game. His passion on the court can match only these of John McEnroe. The bold look in his eyes that can be seen in some photos can only suggest further tennis success. The fact that he is number one in ATP rankings is no coincidence.

His epic 5-set battle against Roger Federer at Wimbledon in 2019 shows how much he wants to compete. After all, tennis titles are not given out for free. You can watch him play on tennis streams. Be there to see him adding another trophy to his collection!

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Rafael Nadal

The man who has won the French Open 13 times has a guaranteed spot on this list. Winner of 20 Grand Slam tournaments, Rafael Nadal, is still a great tennis player. His love for the game seems to be unmatched by other tennis players. Nadal, tennis legend as he is, always seemed to face adversity head-on and came back stronger — injury after injury.

Even as injuries are part of this sport, Nadal had way too many of them in his past. Be it recurring tendinitis in his knees or wrist injuries. It can be said that we were robbed of some great matches starring the most interesting left-handed tennis player to watch.

Deemed as one of the best players on the clay-court besides Bjorn Borg, he is a certified men’s tennis legend. In the past, he was fighting for the “best player in the world” title with Roger Federer. Nowadays, the Serbian who made the previous entry on our list is his most dangerous rival.

Boasting a positive record against both Federer and Djokovic, he can be considered in some eyes as the top tennis player. What is more, his latest tournament success indicates his hunger for more titles is still there. Make sure to watch this left-handed artist in action.

Roger Federer

The last member of The Big Three, Roger Federer, is an embodiment of a winner. He sits at the top of Wimbledon’s win ranking with eight victories. He and Rafael Nadal are the only two people who have 20 Grand Slam wins. These numbers justify why he often gets the high praise of “the greatest tennis player the world has ever seen.”

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Considered by many as the most versatile all-court player, Federer is still the most famous tennis representative. People love to watch him play as he seems effortless in his movement. Every match with this Swiss player is filled with grace. Federer worked hard to get so high in the rankings, and it shows — not only in photos.

Last seen in action at the 2020 Australian Open, Federer decided to focus on returning from his injury in 2021. That means that Federer has now gone two seasons without winning a title since he won his first. That indicates that Federer’s years as a tennis player are ending.

However, it is worth noting that Federer isn’t new to this business, and his best years are past him. At age 39, he wants to make the best use of the time he has left. The burning question is this: what is next for the greatest tennis player of all time? And can the tennis world cope with the news when he finally decides to leave tennis for good?


Now you know something about the greatest tennis legends! They are the best this sport has to offer, and we should cherish them like beautiful women. Make sure to watch the next tournament they play in! It will be worth your time.

Also, remember that we haven’t covered the profiles of all the great tennis players. Make sure to check them out. This sport is filled with iconic, news-worthy characters.

Don’t limit your knowledge of tennis to photos! Watch the players play, try to get to know them better, check tennis-related news. It will help you appreciate them and this sport even more!

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