Learn Successful Business Tactics with SAM Tech – Hot Rod Network

The School of Automotive Machinists and Technology (SAM Tech) in Houston, Texas is offering a series of info-sessions centered around automotive aftermarket business marketing. The High Performance Marketing Seminars will expose attendees to marketing concepts that can transform businesses and will be taught by Chevrolet Performance’s performance parts program manager Dr. Jamie Meyer. Topics covered in these seminars include:

Brand Management
Market Success Metrics
Public and Press Relations
Communications Planning
Website Development
Product Placement
Event Market
Local Marketing
Social Media

Click here to sign up for a seminar!

SAM Tech offers machining and automotive technical education for those chasing a future in the performance and racing industries. Graduates often transition to working for teams in NASCAR, NHRA, IndyCar, as well as aftermarket performance companies like Wiseco, Ferrea, and CP-Carillo. Click here for more info on their programs!


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