LawSikho, Swiss School of Management launch MBA degree in data protection & privacy management

In an attempt to counter the rising issues of cyber security, LawSikho, an online education company in collaboration with Swiss School of Management (SSM) launched a 15-months MBA degree in Data Protection and Privacy Management.

The Program has been devised under the supervision of the Research Centre of SSM that covers advanced and practical legal courses aimed at honing the skills in the information security and management industry.

The program is designed in such a way that travel costs are minimized and the study load can be combined with a day job.

The MBA program is available at the LawSikho platform at $12,000. However, to make the program more accessible to Indian professionals, LawSikho will finance up to 60% scholarship for up to 50 students in 2021.

Ramanuj Mukherjee, CEO of LawSikho, reiterated the importance of strengthening the cyber security and data protection infrastructure given that digital operations in recent years has risen, and so have crimes around data. Data and privacy related compliances around the world have also emerged as a challenge for businesses.

“The robust digital penetration has not just opened up new opportunities globally but has also amplified the concern around data security and privacy of users. It has become more critical than ever before to protect the sensitive details and information of the clients and the employees of an organization,” said Mukherjee.

Talking about the collaboration, Dr H C Jovan Didier, Professor of Swiss School of Management said, “ This programme is designed for future leaders, using a solid foundation of academic content combined with the newest insights on privacy management and data protection.”

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