Lawmakers erupt after Jim Jordan throws tantrum during tech hearing – Business Insider – Business Insider

Lawmakers slammed US Rep. Jim Jordan at Wednesday’s antitrust hearing as he interrupted lawmakers to ask Google about alleged anti-conservative bias.

The hearing Wednesday — where CEOs of Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Apple testified — is being held for lawmakers to question the executives about any potential anticompetitive behavior. However, Jordan and other lawmakers used their time to question tech executives about other concerns, including the moderation of political content.

During his time, Jordan grilled Google’s Sundar Pichai about whether the company would help Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden to beat Donald Trump during November’s presidential election. After his time to ask questions had ended, Jordan proceeded to interrupt lawmakers to try to get Pichai to answer his question.

In response, lawmakers lashed out at Jordan. Rep. Jamie Raskin yelled at Jordan to “put your mask on” before questions were able to resume.

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