Larger trade deal between New Delhi, Washington to have better outcome: US-India Business Council

Nisha Biswal, president of the US-India Business Council and former assistant secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs in the US department of state in the Obama administration from 2013 to 2017, feels that a larger trade deal between India and the US, which is very likely in the works, will be a better outcome than any small package that could have been announced during the visit of US President Donald Trump to India earlier this week.

“It is more important to work out a commitment for a larger framework for a concrete trade agreement process. And that can even be worked out after the US Presidential elections,” says Biswal.

She adds that a larger trade deal between India and the US will take many months to a year and it will not be realistic to do something on the fast track.

Biswal, who spent over a decade on Capitol Hill, serving as staff director on the state, foreign operations appropriations subcommittee and the foreign affairs committee in the House of Representatives, feels that Indian Americans have now become deeply interwoven in different walks of life in America including senior positions inside government.

“Not just CEOs of top corporates in the US, we are also seeing more and more Indian Americans in different social and economic roles including entertainment and academia. In fact, we no longer notice that they’re of Indian origin since they have blended in so well,” she said.


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