Lamborghini Sian 2021 review

Lamborghini’s plans for a drive in one of the more scenic parts of Italy were stymied by pandemic-related restrictions, so my drive came in the considerably less exotic environment of Bedfordshire’s Millbrook Proving Ground on a rainy afternoon.

Not that the Sián needs a glamourous background to feel special. Its cabin shares most of the Aventador’s architecture but has plusher materials and a new, portrait-orientated central touchscreen. It also shares its lesser sister’s shortage of head room, with the limited space allowed by the fixed buckets beneath the Alcantara headlining making me glad not to be wearing a helmet.

Starting the engine turns the Sián immediately angry. This isn’t one of those new-age hybrid supercars that’s capable of silent running, rather one that lives the celebrate 
the savagery of its rev-happy V12.

The Sián starts rolling less snappily than the Aventador does, 
its electric motor helping smooth 
out clutch engagement, but once it’s moving, the cabin is always noisy 
and filled with buzzy vibrations.

Performance is predictably huge. Slight electrical help can be detected in higher gears and at lower revs, but giving the V12 its head removes any sense of the motor assisting.

The Sián sounds magnificent: louder and rowdier than even the Aventador SVJ, but with an exhaust note that truly harmonises within the last few hundred revs before the cut-off, and with a fusillade of pops and bangs on the overrun. Being limited to 130mph in the wet on Millbrook’s two-mile bowl felt cruelly slow.


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