Labour plot major change to vaping if they win general election

VAPES would be made prescription-only by a Labour government to stop children getting hooked on nicotine, shadow health secretary Wes Streeting said.

Young e-cig users have tripled in five years, with one in five aged 11 to 17 having tried them, latest figures show.

Labour want to make vapes prescription only


Labour want to make vapes prescription onlyCredit: Getty

The Government will close a consultation today on steps to crack down

But Mr Streeting told The Telegraph he was outraged at how the “irresponsible” industry was addicting a generation to nicotine while passing itself off as “a smoking cessation service”.

Disposable vapes could be banned under new laws to prevent children from becoming addicted to them

Health ministers are preparing to act after growing concerns that companies are marketing the products to those aged under 18.

Disposable vapes do not need setting up, refilling, or recharging.

On average, a disposable vape can provide anywhere from 200 to 800 puffs.

They have become increasingly popular because they are easy to buy and are billed as “healthier” than traditional cigarettes.

Vapes are sold in supermarkets and corner shops around the UK and come in sweet and fruity flavours such as bubblegum, strawberry lemonade, and blueberry.

Australia has already banned all forms of vaping, while Germany has outlawed all flavoured e-cigarettes.

New Zealand has also stopped disposable vapes while vaping is also illegal in India, Uganda, Singapore and many other countries.


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