Labour general election plans torn apart as Corbyn accused of offering 'unicorns'

Mr Buckland was speaking to talkRADIO’s Julia Hartley-Brewer ahead of tonight’s debate between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson. The Justice Secretary said the Prime Minister was right to challenge Jeremy Corbyn to clarify his Brexit position. The Labour Party leader has stated he plans to hold a second referendum on Brexit but has yet to clarify whether he will campaign to Remain or Leave in that referendum. 

Robert Buckland said: “In the minds of many voters the idea of Brexit looms very large so I think the Prime Minister is absolutely right to challenge the leader of the opposition to answer some fundamental questions.

“Things like would you vote to leave or remain if you have your second referendum.

“A pretty fundamental question lets see what his answer is, I don’t think anyone knows at the moment.”

The talkRADIO host replied: “But isn’t it true that a lot of this election isn’t going to be about Brexit it is going to be about public services?

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“Your leader has already moved onto some of the fighting ground on this on Jeremy Corbyn’s territory by saying yesterday to the CBI he’s not going to go ahead with the corporation tax cut he had planned and instead he is going to spend an extra 6 billion on the NHS.

“That may be very welcome to people but doesn’t it show that Jeremy Corbyn is making inroads and people are listening to his policies.

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“A lot of his policies very much criticised by the Tories but are very popular with voters.”

Mr Buckland said: “I think people are realising that Jeremy Corbyn is offering a series of unicorns because the cost of his policies is so astronomical that he is not going to be able to explain how on earth he is going to pay for them.”

Sky News host Stephen Dixon said regarding tonight’s debate: “The first half of it is going to be about Brexit, what on earth is Jeremy Corbyn going to say?

“He can’t tell us what he wants to see happen.”

Mr McDonnell replied: “Of course he can, he’ll say very straightforward what our policy is, we go in we negotiate in a very limited period of time a sensible deal that we can put before the British public.

“We’ll put that before the British public, they will also have the option to leave and remain on the ballot paper so, therefore, the people will decide.”



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