Labour expertly troll Tories over NHS crisis with new Love Actually-style video

First Labour’s Rosena Allin-Khan copied Love Actually in a charming election video.

Then Boris Johnsoncopied her copying Love Actually in a slightly less charming video.

Now Labour have hit back with the only logical next step.

They’ve copied Boris Johnson copying Rosena Allin-Khan copying Love Actually, of course.

The party has digitally altered the Prime Minister’s election push – to change his Photoshop-friendly white cards into a string of Mirror stories about the NHS.

First there’s the photo of four-year-old Jack Willment, who had suspected pneumonia, lying on a hospital floor in Leeds General Infirmary.

Labour have hit back with the only logical next step

Then there’s the photo of nine-month-old baby Lily, who had to lie on a hospital chair while she waited six hours for a bed.

Then there’s the heartbreaking snap of 88-year-old Jill Woolley, a dementia sufferer who endured six hours on a trolley after being taken to A&E.

The card at the beginning states: “This is the Tory NHS.”

Absolute trolling

And at the end, Mr Johnson is shown presenting a card that says: “Vote Labour to save the NHS.”

It comes after our picture showing four-year-old Jack forced to sleep on a hospital floor derailed the Prime Minister’s election campaign.

The squirming Tory leader refused to even look at the photo when confronted by a TV reporter. At one point the mumbling PM even pocketed the reporter’s mobile to avoid doing so.

Four-year-old Jack Willment, who had suspected pneumonia, lying on a hospital floor in Leeds General Infirmary

The shocking tale prompted Louise Webb, 23, to contact the Mirror after her nine-month old baby, Lily, was forced to wait six hours for a bed.

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Louise had taken Lily to the Countess of Chester Hospital near their Ellesmere Port home, after she deteriorated following weeks of illness.

Suffering from an ear infection, vomiting and diarrhoea, the baby was badly dehydrated.

Louise, Lily’s and her dad, Thomas Noden, 24, were signed in to A&E hospital at 12.45am last Wednesday.

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Louise Webb’s nine-month-old daughter Lily had to wait on a hospital chair for hours

Yet they had to wait until 6am before she was seen by a doctor.

It was a further hour before Lily was seen by a children’s specialist who Louise said told them: “We have not got enough beds.”

Louise added: “She said, ‘You can sit in the waiting room where to wait for a bed, but that could be hours’.”

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General election 2019

In a video posted by the Prime Minister on Monday evening, he emulated a scene from 2003 hit movie as he approached an apathetic voter with a series of placards on her doorstep.

Referencing a famous moment from the romantic drama, the “Vote Conservative Actually” video showed him silently showing a woman a series of Brexit-themed messages after pretending to be a group of carol singers.

But Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, who has served as a Member of Parliament for Tooting since 2016, says the idea was hers.

She tweeted: “Boris Johnson has copied my ElectionActually video. Tanks. On. The. Lawn. Don’t share his version in outrage – instead, share my original version. It’s us versus Cummings, Johnson, Trump and Farage.”

It’s not the only doctored video Labour have put out for comic effect today.

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Labour also changed a clip of Boris Johnson driving a digger marked “get Brexit done” through a wall that said “gridlock”.

In Labour’s version, the wall is the NHS and the digger says “Tory cuts”.



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