Labour candidate ‘helped members dodge anti-Semitism probes on Facebook’ –

Maria Carroll has been accused of helping Holocaust deniers in Labour avoid expulsion for antisemitism

A Labour election candidate has been accused of running a secret Facebook group to help party members defend themselves against accusations of anti-Semitism.

Maria Carroll, standing in the marginal seat of Camarthen East in Wales, was found to be the co-founder and administrator of a page which advises Labour members accused of anti-Semitism on how to avoid expulsion from the party.

She had personally advised members who had spouted views including Holocaust denial on social media, the Mail on Sunday reports.

Ms Carroll denies the existence of any such posts.

One member of the group, Peterborough Council Labour candidate Alan Bull, was said to have shared posts on Facebook claiming ‘the murder of six million Jews is a hoax’.

Another of his posts claimed Tony Blair’s New Labour was a ‘Mossad front’ and that Mossad, the Israeli intelligence agency, murdered Princess Diana.

Mr Bull, who was selected as a council candidate in 2017, initially said his posts were ‘doctored’ before admitting they were ‘a bad mistake’.

Labour’s Compliance Unit investigated him after receiving two complaints, during which time he was allegedly advised on Ms Carroll’s Facebook group.

Ms Carroll hopes to take the seat from Plaid Cymru’s Jonathan Edwards, who been given a clear run by the Lib Dems and Greens as part of their Remain alliance

The newspaper claims Ms Carroll urged Mr Bull to delete all his social media posts about his case, while her co-administrator on the group, Caroline Tipler, told him to submit a request to Labour under the Data Protection Act to give him access to any information the party held on him and to refuse to cooperate unless it did so.

Labour Against Antisemitism and Gnasherjew, a group of investigators who quit Labour over anti-Semitism allegations, said the Facebook group’s 400 members included councillors, candidates and party officials.

Gnasherjew claimed hundreds of screenshots of offending posts had been taken and some will be shared on Twitter.

Another alleged member of the group, Mollie Collins, was exposed by Gnasherjew in August as having shared a series of posts spouting holocaust denials and violent conspiracy theories about the Rothschilds, the Jewish banking dynasty.

Ms Collins has stood as a Labour county council candidate and until July was chair of Dorset Labour. Her posts dated back to 2015 and were set to public, meaning any Facebook user could see them.

Ms Carroll denied having seen any antisemitic posts by members she advised (Picture: Henry Nolan)

Ms Collins claimed on Saturday that her posts had been fabricated by ‘Corbynsceptics’ using ‘military grade artificial intelligence’ and she had recently resigned from the party, according to the Mail.

Denny Taylor, spokesperson for Labour Against Antisemitism, said: ‘These revelations confirm that the Labour Party appears to have spent the last four years apparently encouraging a toxic culture of anti-Jewish discrimination to flourish.

‘If true responsibility for this must be levelled directly at Jeremy Corbyn.

‘That an alleged network of high ranking Labour officials appear to have been secretly colluding to protect antisemitic members from expulsion is no surprise.

‘What is alarming is the apparent depth and scale of the network, and the seniority of some of the figures mentioned.’


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