Label Cloud Compliance launches for life science firms – Med-Tech Innovation

NiceLabel, a developer of label design software and label management systems, has introduced Label Cloud Compliance, a public, validation-ready cloud labelling solution, to help organisations manage labelling in a regulated environment. 

Label Cloud Compliance was designed to enable companies in regulated industries to comply with the major regulations that impact the life sciences industry, e.g. FDA UDI, EU MDR, FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and EU GMP Annex 11. 

Regulated companies have a focus on quality assurance, compliance with regulations and maintaining a validated system. Label Cloud Compliance was designed to give life sciences companies a robust labelling solution tailored to meet these specific needs.

The new solution digitises the entire quality approval process, features a three-tier environment that includes development, quality assurance and production environments and includes a 12-year print history. 

A less frequent release cycle and extended delay for the production tier upgrade will lower the burden on customers’ compliance teams and give them enough time to validate their updated environment. Label Cloud Compliance comes with a Validation Acceleration Pack (VAP). The VAP includes installation qualification (IQ) reports for all new features and simplifies alignment with industry standards by helping companies quickly and cost-effectively implement and maintain a validated labelling solution.  

Ken Moir, VP marketing, NiceLabel, said: “We can onboard a new customer onto Label Cloud Compliance in minutes and we also make it very simple to do the initial validation and then update that validation every year as required. As a multi-tenant cloud solution, Label Cloud Compliance gives companies of all sizes the benefits of a professional label management solution with a much lower total cost of ownership.”

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In parallel with the launch of Label Cloud Compliance, NiceLabel has introduced a new version of its label management solutions portfolio: version, 2019.3. This new software update will enable organisations to use a single platform for designing and printing their labels and supply chain documents.   



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