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On Sunday, Nov. 15, children gathered at Chabad of North Orlando to experience kosher in a whole new way. The program channeled children’s inner designers, entrepreneurs, and chefs as they created their own kosher restaurant startups. 

This was a showdown where everyone was boss. Children planned and showcased their very own startup ideas, and learned important Jewish lessons along the way. 

“It was a fresh activity that got the kids excited about the mitzvah of kosher,” said Chanshy Majesky, co-director of Chabad Lubavitch of North Orlando.

Brauner brothers who joined on zoom from Wisconsin.

Participants were able to join both in-person or on Zoom.

The basics of keeping kosher were first covered in an interactive video and hands-on game. Then, the kids put their learning into practice as they designed their own restaurant blueprints. Each participant came out as an expert on how to shop, cook, and eat kosher while honing chef skills and came up with a real creative signature dish.

Each restaurateur was presented with a custom spatula to use for their kosher cooking. 

“The mitzvah of kosher is a Jewish fundamental,” said Rabbi Yanky Majesky, co-director of Chabad Lubavitch of North Orlando. “And we wanted to give these children an experience where the kids will not just learn about it, but live it.”


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