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BARABOO, Wis. — Nearly one week after the death of 10-year-old Kodie Dutcher of Baraboo, her mother, Brandy Bielicki, shared an emotional Facebook post about suicide and thanking the community for their efforts and involvement in helping find her daughter.

The post reads:

Friends, family, community, and strangers,

I can not begin to express all the emotions I have at this moment. I have sat here multiple times wondering what to say. And I have realized that no words will ever do the situation justice, but I will try to convey what I can to you.

On July 7th, I lost my beautiful, bubbly, witty, and smart daughter, Kodie Braelynn to suicide. I am beside myself as is my entire family. I keep replaying things in my mind over and over wondering what I missed, but the answer is nothing. Though my daughter took her own life, it was a terrible accident in the eyes of those that knew her. At 10 years old children do not understand permanence. She never, and I mean never displayed any signs that would even begin to make me think she was struggling, and I am a very involved mom! Kodie must have been upset, and this was her cry for help. Unfortunately, she did something that no one could save her from.

I am confused and hurt. Distraught. Anxious. Depressed. And so many other words! I cry, then I am numb, then I laugh and remember how incredible she was. That was completely evident in her funeral! So many people came to show their love and support! Friends and family came at a moments notice, some from more than 8 hours away. People who searched for Kodie came to show their respect, and sorrow as we all hoped for a different outcome. But perhaps the most astonishing to me was the amount of strangers that took time out of their lives to come and show how Kodie touched them. Those who came got to hear many stories of her life, and saw full picture boards that barely scratched the surface of the amazing life she had here with us. My family will be forever changed by the loss of Kodie. We are doing our best to navigate this horrid situation. But it helps to know how loved Kodie was by everyone.

The list of thank yous that I have to give is a very long one. But at this moment there are a few people I want to recognize. For starters my parents, Brian and Donna. They lost their only grandchild, but in their grief are still finding ways to support me. My sisters and brother, they lost a niece, but they each are reaching out to me continuously to ensure that I am okay. My boyfriend, Alex. He and I are in a fairly new relationship but he never once left my side. He was my rock when I was in a hard place, standing in quicksand. The officers that showed up and “secret serviced” my daughter with us! But especially Lt. Ryan LaBroscian! Please sir, do not doubt yourself as I know you gave all your effort to find my baby. You treated me with respect and my daughter with dignity as the information unfolded of what happened. You will forever have a special place in my heart!

Kodie Braelynn Dutcher was and is still the best thing I have ever done. I will do my best to continue to live in a way that she would be proud of. Please continue to pray for my family because the ache doesn’t stop for us. I love you all and am eternally grateful!

With love,
Kodie’s mom (Brandy)

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