Key Corbyn ally who oversees Labour anti-Semitism cases is pals with activists kicked out for anti-Jewish slurs

LABOUR’S top official is linked to activists who’ve been suspended over the anti-Semitism scandal, The Sun can reveal.

Jennie Formby, a close ally of Jeremy Corbyn who oversees party discipline, spoke alongside controversial leftist Jackie Walker at a Momentum event.

 Suspended activist Jackie Walker posing with Jennie Formby, now Labour's general secretary
Suspended activist Jackie Walker posing with Jennie Formby, now Labour’s general secretary

She’s also stood up for a string of hard-left figures kicked out of Labour after anti-Semitism claims.

As general secretary, Ms Formby is Labour’s most senior employee and has ultimate responsibility for all complaints.

Last week she waged a public war of words with deputy leader Tom Watson after he said she was failing to fix the anti-Semitism crisis.

He demanded to see all complaints about anti-Jewish racism in a challenge to Ms Formby’s authority.

In July 2016, when she was a member of Labour’s national executive committee, Ms Formby spoke at a Momentum event in Southampton with Ms Walker.

Afterwards the two women posed for a smiling selfie which Ms Walker posted on social media.


Two months earlier, Ms Walker had been suspended from Labour after saying Jews were responsible for the slave trade.

She was let back in to the party a few weeks later, before being booted out again in September that year after criticising Holocast Memorial Day.

The activist was not suspended at the time she was pictured with Ms Formby.

As well as her link to Jackie Walker, the general secretary is also pals with councillor Jo Bird – suspended this week for joking that anti-Semites are getting “Jew process”.

Last year, Ms Formby shared an article which defended Labour anti-Semites.

She also handed a job to an activist who was kicked out of the party for calling Hitler a “Zionist God”.

A Labour spokesman said: “These are absurd claims. No such links exist.

“This was a public event two and a half years ago, long before Jennie Formby was general secretary.”

Yesterday the equalities watchdog announced Labour may have broken the law by descriminating against Jewish people.

Jeremy Corbyn said today: “We do not believe we have anything to hide at all. Anti-Semitism has no place whatsoever at all in the Labour party or the Labour movement.”

But his ally Emily Thornberry blasted: “It is utterly disgraceful and unacceptable that a party like ours, with such a proud record of fighting fascism and racism and anti-Semitism, has taken so long to deal with this issue, and root out the anti-Semites from our party.

“I don’t care what it takes, we need to remove this stain from our party, and we need to expel these despicable individuals.”

 Ms Formby with Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell

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Ms Formby with Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell
 Ms Walker posted on Facebook about her meeting with Ms Formby
Ms Walker posted on Facebook about her meeting with Ms Formby
Jeremy Corbyn ‘sad’ nine MPs who quit Labour over anti-Semitism but REFUSES to change direction

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