Keir Starmer: I would succeed where PM has failed in making Britain’s streets safe


ir Keir Starmer has pledged to “drive down crime, tackle its root causes” if he becomes prime minister.

He accused the Conservatives of becoming the “party of crime and disorder” and claimed Labour would do things “very differently” if it were to win power at the next general election.

Writing for the Independent the Labour leader launched his party’s campaign for safer communities, telling the public his party would prioritise “keeping you, your family and your community safe”.

His call echoes that of former Labour PM Tony Blair who once pledged to be “tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime”.

Sir Keir, who is currently self-isolating after his son tested positive for coronavirus, looked to play up his own former role as director of public prosecutions as he took aim at Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party’s “failed” record on policing and crime-fighting.

In his piece for the Independent, Sir Keir said police in England and Wales face a £1.6 billion funding shortfall and that between 2010 and 2020, 14,500 officers were cut by the Tories from the frontline.

He said: “I spent five years as this country’s chief prosecutor. I know what it takes to get criminals off the streets and get victims the justice they deserve.

“That’s not just the job of the Crown Prosecution Service. And it’s not just the job of the police – it’s the job of the Prime Minister, too. And I would step up where Boris Johnson has failed.

“Antisocial behaviour has skyrocketed, a generation of young people is growing up with their local youth clubs closed, youth workers lost – vital positive role models that help divert people from the grips of crime.

“The Conservatives have become the party of crime and disorder. Labour would do things very differently.”



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