Karma Reveals High-Tech EV Chassis – Orange County Business Journal

Karma Automotive's E-Flex Platform.

Karma Automotive’s E-Flex Platform.

Irvine luxury automaker Karma Automotive said it’s electric vehicle chassis is ready for prime time.

The company had been teasing the EV platform—upon which a variety of vehicles, from vans to supercars, can be built—for some time. The chassis, named the E-Flex Platform, is seen as key as Karma looks to provide its EV technology to other carmakers and find new revenue streams beyond selling its own cars.

The company said the chassis platform can support as many as 22 configurations related to motor drive systems or battery packs.

Karma said its 2020 Revero GT could support the E-Flex Platform and will also roll out several concept vehicles built on the chassis in the coming weeks.


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