Just ordered the iPhone SE 2nd Gen – Mac Rumors

so i just ordered the Red iPhone SE 2nd Gen and it should arrive in a few hours. So at first i was kinda confused whether to get a mid flagship/flagship Android or an iPhone SE 2nd Gen as my 2nd phone. But in the end i decided to just get the SE 2nd Gen as it seems more promising for me personally. And for USD$550 it sure does cost a lot considering the fact that ill be using it just for only for Instagram,Spotify,Youtube and Safari.

And im sure there are people out there who would say that an iPad is a better choice/cheaper for a 2nd device but the iPad is big…the SE 2nd Gen is only 4.7″ which means its very usable with just 1 hand. And dont forget it has the same processor as the iPhone 11 Pro Max but 1GB less of RAM. But its still a fast device considering the small screen.

Well,i hope i made the right decision to move my 2nd phone to IOS. What do you guys think? :apple:



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