'June 21 Freedom Day hopes have suffered setback – now jab all age groups ASAP'

Hopes of a complete lifting of restrictions on June 21 suffered a setback as figures showed a worrying rise in cases.

The indicators on the coronavirus dashboard are once again flashing red.

The number of infections is up 76% in England over the last week, while the R rate of transmission is back above one.

There is some evidence that the Delta, or Indian, variant is spreading fastest among young people. So we should welcome the fact the UK regulator has approved the use of the Pfizer vaccine for 12 to 15-year-olds.

The US and Canadian authorities authorised the jab for adolescents last month and the EU last week. We are now running to catch up.

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Public health chiefs say giving the vaccine to young people will help contain new variants and prevent children’s education from being disrupted. If the supplies are there we should look to roll out the vaccine to all age groups as quickly as possible.

Why no justice?

It is hard to comprehend the grief and trauma suffered by Liverpool fans on the day of the Hillsborough disaster.

That agony was made all the worse by the false campaign waged by the police to blame the victims and avoid taking any responsibility.

The South Yorkshire and West Midlands forces have agreed to pay damages to the families of those who died and to the survivors for the additional pain and damage caused.

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No amount of money can compensate for the ordeal they have suffered. Nor can this be regarded as some form of justice when no one in authority has been held accountable for the 96 people who were unlawfully killed.

By paying compensation the police have accepted they acted dishonestly. Why has not a single officer been successfully prosecuted?

Pup-date laws

Thanks to Mirror readers MPs will next week debate a law to ban puppy imports.

Ministers promised action, we need to keep them on the leash and make sure they act.



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