Johnson to speak after claims of dodging media scrutiny — live

How Boris Johnson is defined by his ‘ruthless’ message discipline

Robert Shrimsley, in his analysis How Boris Johnson’s message discipline is boosting the Tories, outlines two moments that stand out in capturing the “essence” of the UK general election campaign.

The first was opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn rattling through Labour’s pledges in 60 seconds, like a contestant naming prizes in the BBC’s Generation Game. The second is during the first televised leaders debate, when Boris Johnson’s twisted a question to push another “Get Brexit done” prompted groans from the audience. This shows the organising difference between the Tories and Labour, Robert writes, with the prime minister being defined by ruthless message discipline.

Highlights from your morning papers

The Daily Telegraph leads with Tories threatening “biased” Channel 4, warning the broadcaster that it faces a review after next month’s general election. Michael Gove, the Cabinet Office minister and a former environment secretary, last night was refused entry to debate with opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn. The broadcaster replaced Boris Johnson, who had refused to take part in the election debate on climate change, on live TV with an ice sculpture.

The Guardian asks who was to blame at Hillsborough as it and the Sun lead on the retired chief superintendent in charge of the police operation at the 1989 football disaster being cleared of the gross negligence manslaughter of 95 Liverpool fans.

City AM notes that Londoners will endure a “month of chaos” as South Western rail services plan a 27-day strike from Monday after talks break down.

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The Financial Times says the former Nissan chief, in his final interview before a new head is installed on Monday, said the carmaker has been damaged by Japanese nationalists wanting to unwind its 20-year alliance with France’s Renault. Hiroto Saikawa served as chief executive of Nissan under Carlos Ghosn,

Welcome back

The spotlight is squarely on Boris Johnson today after a row erupted last night of the prime minister’s decision to skip the Channel 4 climate debate. The television station declined to accept Michael Gove, cabinet minister and former environment secretary, as a replacement and instead placed an ice sculpture on the stage to replace Mr Johnson.

Mr Johnson has also faced criticism for declining to say whether he will submit to a ‘forensic interview’ on the BBC after his rival, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, faced a grueling interrogation earlier this week.

The prime minister is expected to hold a press conference later on Friday.



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