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For decades, California has been run by career politicians and insiders. Together, they created a state in which only wealthy and connected people could afford to live.

California has the highest taxes in the country and is one of the most affordable places to live in the country.

The homeless are out of control. Almost half of our non-inmates live in California. Politicians have spent billions of dollars, but the problem is getting worse every day.

We are facing the worst wildfire season ever. There is a water shortage due to a management error. California is losing its population for the first time as the middle class flee.

In short, career politicians are driving our beautiful state to the ground.

I have a vision of running California for the benefit of the people, not a politician. As an outsider, I always put people first.

Reduce taxes by 25% across the board while closing the loopholes of companies that benefit connected companies. Reduce middle-class housing costs by reforming rules and regulations that are abused and boost housing costs. We squeeze all pennies from the state government to lower taxes and keep them low.

As a Certified Accountant, I know how to pinch a penny and make it work for people. That is the person needed for the governor’s office.

Also, treating the homeless will halve the homeless. You can’t just build a home for the homeless. They proved not to use it. The root cause needs to be addressed. That is what politicians refused to do. As a result, the homeless have taken over our city. It ends with treatment.

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Reduce wildfires by better managing forests and making better use of government resources used to combat fires. You can add a reservoir and use desalination to solve water shortages. California needs outsiders to implement creative yet realistic solutions to solve problems.

As a businessman and a certified accountant, I make it happen.

Most importantly, Gavin Newsom puts an end to insider backdoor trading that would result in attending a lobbyist’s birthday party in violation of his own coronavirus rules. I bring dignity and fairness back to the government. I guarantee that lobbyists will not invite me to their party. And if they go, I don’t want to go.

California is the largest state with the largest resources in our country. Career politicians and insiders from both parties wereted it. As a businessman and certified accountant, I help bring California back to where it should be.

John Cox is a businessman who ran for governor in 2018.



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