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As the first partner country of IFA Next, an exhibition at the 2019 IFA with the tagline “a global platform for innovation,” Japan presented an exclusive pavilion in Hall 26. The Japan Pavilion’s maxim was  “Interface with Consideration and Sensibility” – where they demonstrated examples of new human-machine interfaces developed in line with inherent Japanese traits, a society where cyberspace and physical space are highly integrated.

The Interface with Consideration and Sensibility Pavilion showcased a new user interface that enables all levels of society to benefit from digital technologies in a rapidly developing digital economy.

By introducing these innovations to the world, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) plans to expand commercialization and growth opportunities in overseas markets represented at IFA Next. Twenty companies exhibited their latest technologies in the Japan Pavilion, among them a special showcase: the J-Startup program featured a unique selection of seven Japanese tech start-up companies.

Examples included Yukai Engineering Inc. who introduced Qoobo, a therapy robot with wagging tail, as well as BOCCO emo, a communication robot. Unipots Inc. presented Unipos, an application through which co-workers can offer small tokens of appreciation called “peer bonus” to each other, strengthening the team building effort and leadership. Pixie Dust Technologies, Inc., producer of Holographic Whisper technology, demonstrated their directional speaker that delivers sound to the target person by controlling ultrasonic waves, and other products.

 The 2019 IFA Next proved to be a unique global platform for new innovation, bringing together researchers, industry professionals, start-ups and retailers for what was a dynamic transfer of knowledge, information and business ideas.

The 2020 IFA Next promises even more innovation and collaboration and exhibit space will fill up fast. Reserve your spot at the 2020 IFA Next today.


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