I’ve discovered £10 gadget which stops drivers ‘bold enough’ to park over my driveway in their tracks – it’s perfect

A CLEVER man has discovered a genius gadget to scare away drivers from parking in other people’s driveways – and it costs just £10.

Street rows are often sparked over shared parking spaces – and this tool could help prevent drivers from parking in someone else’s spot.

The gadget can be used to secure your private parking spot


The gadget can be used to secure your private parking spotCredit: YouTube
The genius trick is to hang a wheel clamper to scare off people trying to park in someone else's space


The genius trick is to hang a wheel clamper to scare off people trying to park in someone else’s spaceCredit: YouTube
The tool can be bought from Amazon


The tool can be bought from AmazonCredit: Amazon

In a YouTube video, a genius man revealed he hangs a wheel clamp in his parking space to warn other drivers not to park in his space.

No one wants their cars to get clamped, especially if they are in a hurry.

And this trick can prove to be effective in scaring off people and preventing them from parking in your driveways.

The man said in the video: “To those people bold enough to come up here and park your car, this is what’s installed for you.

“Here is a wheel clamp waiting – it is waiting for you.”

It can be an excellent idea to warn drivers looking to park in someone else’s driveways – and the gadget can easily be bought from Amazon for £10.

However, it is important to note that clamping other vehicles, even in private spaces, is illegal – and this trick should only be used to scare people off.

Only cops, DVLA officials and council authorities can clamp vehicles if they are parked in the wrong spots.

Alternatively, homeowners dealing with parking issues can nab a £2 tape to cordon off their invaded space.


What are your rights if somone is repeatedly blocking access with their vehicle?

  • You should always try and approach your neighbour in a calm manner first.
  • You can leave a note should you not be able to speak to them directly.
  • If a neighbour is parked on your driveway and this is part of your land, they are technically trespassing.
  • It is considered a criminal offence but there is no criminal law preventing someone from parking on your driveway.
  • Do not try and move the vehicle yourself because you will be responsible for any damages and have to pay for repairs
  • The courts have the jurisdiction to remove a car from the driveway for you if you choose to pursue a civil case for trespassing.

This comes after another resident who was fed up with her neighbour’s cars blocking her driveway towed away their motor.

The woman explained the large family next door own five to six cars between them – and regularly leave them parked across access to her drive.

Meanwhile, one driver’s neighbours kept stealing their parking spot – so they came up with a drastic solution – but it only cost £0.13p.

The student, who lived in a rented off-campus apartment, took to Reddit to explain the guerrilla warfare.

Elsewhere, a homeowner revealed the genius way she got revenge on a “neighbour from hell” who harassed her family over a silly parking row.

The bitter feud came to a head after the man next door called the cops on them for parking “backwards”.


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