“It's more of a token of durability than ability” – San Bernardino Sun – California News Times

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Los Angeles — The first came as a member of the Arizona Diamondbacks in April 2008.

Max Scherzer defeated the first batter he faced in the Big League. Jack Cassel was a Houston Astros pitcher who had a short career in the big league, including seven strikeouts in 17 at-bats.

Love has begun.

“I love strikeouts,” Scherzer said on Sunday after becoming the 19th pitcher in baseball history. Recorded 3,000 career strikeouts..

It is not necessarily Manoi Mano’s victory that strikeouts symbolize as much as the practicality of attracting Scherzer.

“Because the ball isn’t in play. If the ball isn’t in play, you can’t get a hit,” he said as an explanation. “That is, I want to get strikeouts efficiently. You have 8 pitches at bat and you don’t want to get strikeouts. Yeah, that’s great, but it promotes your pitch count-up. You’re efficient. I want to get a good strikeout, 3 or 4 balls. I’m trying to sequence because something can happen when the ball is in play so I can get an efficient strikeout Is to do so.

“But when you beat someone, you have to do something right, and usually you have to do the right thing on three pitches to do the job. So I love them. The more you can beat more guys, the better you will be the pitcher for it. ”

Scherzer has joined the club chosen for his 3,000 strikeouts. More batters (32) reached 3,000 hits than pitchers who hit 3,000. Of the 19, Scherzer is one of seven who have won three or more Cy Young Awards (Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, Roger Clemens, Steve Carlton, Tom Seaver, Greg Maddux). All but one (Clements and his contaminated career) are inducted into the Hall of Fame.

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“Yeah, it’s pretty cool. I don’t know it. It’s pretty cool,” Scherzer said when he talked about his exclusive company. “It’s hard to really appreciate something like that, because when you say it, you’re even crazy to think. I always say that it usually takes a year to fully understand some things. I’ve said that once you win a Cy Young, win an award, or reach a milestone, it usually takes a year to fully understand what that means in all contexts. ..

“So I go out there, keep pitching, dreaming of new things as I can, and hopefully you get more perspective and understand this history for over a year. increase.”

Scherzer’s 3000th strikeout (Eric Hosmer was sacrificed in the 5th) brought roar and standing ovation from the crowd. He put a cap on the mound and later collected baseball as a souvenir. His parents, wife, and three children were all at hand so far.

“I think the point is all the hard work I’ve spent trying to get this moment, and that’s what makes me feel good,” he said.

“You need durability. It takes years and you have to do it. That’s why it’s a cool milestone because … to me, it’s more of a durability than an ability.”

Taylor time

Chris Taylor was out of the line again on Sunday, and Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said there was only a “slight improvement” in the neck injury that has recently restricted Taylor.

“It’s more of a token of durability than ability” – San Bernardino Sun Source link “It’s more of a token of durability than ability” – San Bernardino Sun



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