Italdesign DaVinci concept previews white label GT

Italdesign will unveil a near-production-ready electric supercar concept called the DaVinci at the Geneva motor show – and says the design could easily be used by a number of brands.

The Italian design house conducts styling work for car firms, but has also produced its own Zerouno and Duerta sports cars in recent years.

The new concept has been developed and built at Italdesign’s Moncalieri base.

The firm claims it is a pure GT car for the premium segment, but has yet to reveal any of the powertrain’s technical details.

The four-seater is 4981mm long and 2124mm wide, with a wheelbase of 2900mm and ground clearance of 119mm.

Italdesign said the design was conceived so that “with a few adjustments” it could be adapted to series production and “the family feeling of several brands”.

The supercar will have gullwing doors, with aerodynamic tail-fins built into the rear doors.

The Zerouno and Duerta both feature carbonfibre bodywork, with carbonfibre and aluminium chassis, and it is likely that the DaVinci will make extensive use of both.

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