‘It is a tragedy we don’t know the truth’: Emiliano Sala’s family demand answers two years on from player’s death

The family of footballer Emiliano Sala say they are still awaiting “answers” behind his death as they mark two years since the aircraft he was in crashed into the English Channel.

An inquest into Sala’s death cannot take place until proceedings involving Mr Henderson are completed, but the footballer’s family say they want a start date from senior coroner for Dorset, Rachael Griffin, so to avoid “another bleak anniversary”.

On Thursday, Daniel Machover, a lawyer who represents the family, said: “It is a tragedy that two years have passed since Emiliano’s death and we still do not know exactly how and why he died.

“An inquest is the only way to establish the full truth.

“I very much hope that the Dorset Coroner will now set a date for the inquest to start immediately after David Henderson’s trial, so that Emiliano’s family do not have to endure another bleak anniversary with no answers.”

A report by the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) previously concluded that the aircraft carrying Sala and Mr Ibbotson suffered an in-flight break-up while being flown too fast for its design limits, and that the pilot lost control while attempting to avoid bad weather.

It added that Mr Ibbotson was probably affected by carbon monoxide poisoning.

And they found that he held a private pilot’s licence that did not allow him to conduct flights for reward.



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