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'Iron Man' tech in real life? China to develop fibers which can convert T-shirts into electronic devices

Technology has taken a very good role in making human lives easier with products related to the field of health monitoring, telemedicine, AI, and others.

Most importantly, smart gadgets and wearables can be seen everywhere including watches, shoes, ears, and whatnot. However, integration of smart wearables into T-shirts or garments is quite tough as the technology must be inserted into it in a very rigid way including the usage of batteries, microprocessors, and chips.

Now, China-based tech experts are working on new technology for embedding smart technology into t-shirts by using a new kind of layered textile that can be easily worn and lights up at the smallest touch. This kind of technology is already turning into a reality as per a report by a Science journal, published on April 4 of this year, mentions a CGTN report.

Making of a Chinese ‘Iron Man’? Looks like technology will now see a new revolution

The Chinese team, based at Donghua University’s College of Materials Science worked on a non-von Neumann architecture that consolidates multiple technological aspects like energy harvesting, information sensing, real-time signal transmission, and much more, into the fibrous layers of the textile. This kind of encapsulation is rather unseen and the fibers from this textile will use the entire human body as a part of the closed circuit and derive electromagnetic energy from it.

In this way, the t-shirts where these fibers will be used, will not require any kind of extra batteries for power generation or backup.

Moreover, the fibers that will be used for manufacturing these smart wearable t-shirts will be priced at very economical rates, therefore the products that will be launched around this tech will not be sky-high, as typically seen with other technologies when they make their entry into the market. According to a CGTN report, the fibers can be easily mass-produced due to the low prices of raw materials. The implementation of this technology across fields can have very innovative results, be it in terms of healthcare, sports, entertainment, and much more.


Which University is working on making a smart t-shirt?
According to recent reports, Donghua University’s College of Materials Science is currently working on a smart fiber that can be incorporated into t-shirts very easily to make it a smart, wearable product.

Who is the character in Iron Man?
Iron Man is a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie and is played by the fictional character of Tony Stark, who is an eccentric billionaire as well as an engineer. In films, he is played by the eminent actor Robert Downey Jr.

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