iPhone users might be tempted to switch to Android thanks to a new Google app

The tribal warfare between Android and iOS users has been raging for years. Once you’ve chosen a side it’s hard to switch teams, whether out of loyalty or convenience.

That’s something the two major operating systems are keen to change as they battle to steal each others’ users. Now, there are signs Android is heating up the competition and plotting to convince more customers to swap over from Apple.

For most, the big stumbling block in going from iOS to Android is just how complicated it is to transfer everything over. You’ve gotten used to your iOS apps and settings, so even though there are some extremely tempting Android deals out there you just can’t be bothered.

Worse still, even if you do splash out on a new phone, moving all your files over isn’t easy. At the moment, you need to upload everything on your phone to Google Drive, backup all the device files, then download them again onto your new iPhone. However, this doesn’t transfer over your app files. Plus, it takes absolutely ages.

While Apple has had a Move to iOS app on the Google Play Store for the past five years, which automatically migrates all your photos, messages and contacts, so far there’s been no reverse option.

Now Android is firing back.

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APK reports Google is working on a rival “Switch to Android” app. They found multiple references to the new app hidden in a Data Restore Tool on the Play Store.

How could it work? According to Android Authority, iPhone users could theoretically enter login details from their Apple accounts in the Switch to Android app, letting them automatically sync much more data to their new Android phone.

APK reckons the swap will be wireless: “From what we can tell, rather than copying your data through something like a USB-C to Lightning cable, the Switch to Android app flow will start a local WiFi network (like a hotspot) on your Android. On your iPhone, you’ll connect to this new network, and the two apps will take care of the rest.”

This could be a real game-changer for those feeling stuck in an Apple contract, updating their phone every few years but wondering if the grass could be greener. Making the nuts and bolts of the swapover even simpler can only be a massive bonus for Android – the obvious question is why they haven’t done it sooner.

WhatsApp is reportedly also developing a way to transfer over your chat history from iOS to Android. At the moment, it’s not possible to transfer a backup of your messages between the two operating systems. Beta testers have found a “Move chats to Android” buried in the chat app’s iOS version.


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