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iPhone Tips: When it comes to the smartphone segment, Apple’s iPhone has a league of its own. It is also priced much higher than other smartphones because of its unique features. While cashing in on the popularity of this brand, some con artists duplicate the product and sell it at a discounted price in the market. People buy fake iPhones at a low price without cross-checking the product. We are going to tell you some tricks which will help you determine whether the phone you purchased is a real or fake one.

1. Check IMEI number

IMEI number stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. Whenever you buy iPhone, first check its IMEI number. Check the IMEI number of the phone on the product’s box. Now visit Apple’s website . Click on the option ‘IMEI number’ here and type in the number printed on the phone box. If you don’t find any details there, then the phone is fake.

2. Check Phone’s interface

When you sign in to the phone, watch the process carefully. If you are asked for google or any other account information during this time, then this phone is fake. Also, if you find the phone is an Android version, then too it is not an original iPhone.

3. Look carefully at Pentalobe Screw

To find out if the phone is a real Apple product, look closely at the Pentalobe screw of the phone you bought. You can find Pentalobe screw in an iPhone near the lightning port. Also, the original iPhone should have 5 grooves on the head of the screw. If the number of grooves is less than that, then it is a fake iPhone.

4. Find out the version of the phone

Another option to detect a real iPhone from fake is to find the version of the phone. Go to the settings of that phone. Click on the option with ‘About Phone’. Here, you have to note what is the version of the phone. If there is any difference, the phone is fake.

5. Check display bezel

You can also determine real Apple phone from a fake by looking at the display bezel of the phone. Bezel is the border between the phone’s screen and it’s frame. The model of you iPhone should be iPhone X or the latest model. You need to look at display bezel carefully. If the bottom doesn’t have a uniform bezel, your purchased phone is fake. The bezel of a fake iPhone is generally thick.



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