iPhone seller steals buyer’s money at gas station meet: Strongsville Police Blotter – cleveland.com


Theft, Pearl Road: On Dec. 21, a man called police after being the victim of theft.

The caller said he met a seller of an iPhone at a gas station to conduct the transaction. After giving the seller the money, the man driving a black vehicle just took off.

Police are investigating.

Disturbance, Royalton Road: On Dec. 21, a Royalton Road resident called police after it sounded like their neighbor was having a party in the nearby apartment.

An arriving office talked to the tenant, who was advised to turn down the music.

Disturbance, Royalton Road: On Dec. 21, a Royalton Road hotel employee called police after a guest made threats.

An arriving officer talked to the clerk, who said a man was upset he wasn’t allowed to check-in early. The police officer advised the guest he was no longer welcome to stay at the hotel.

Speeding, Royalton Road: On Dec. 21, police observed a speeding Ford on Royalton Road near the railroad tracks.

While talking to the driver, the officer smelled marijuana. During a search of the Ford, police found a small amount of marijuana.

The driver was cited for speeding and given a written warning for the marijuana, which was confiscated.

Theft from yard, Boston Road: On Dec. 21, a Boston Road resident called police after discovering someone stole their thin blue line flag from the frontward.

There are no suspects. Police are investigating.

Theft from auto, SouthPark Center: On Dec. 21, mall security called the police after discovering a Ford with a busted out rear window.

The security guard called back a short time later saying the vehicle’s owner, who worked at Chipotle, said it was old damage.

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Suspicious situation, Dogwood Court: On Dec. 21, an alert Dogwood Court resident called police after seeing what she believed to be a robbery in progress.

The woman said it appeared a UPS truck was being robbed by the driver of a Penske truck.

It turned out UPS is so overwhelmed by the holiday season that rental trucks are helping deliver packages.



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