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Clearing cache may something that a person will do for their computers and web browsers, with most having this feature available for the Android devices on their storage controls or recent apps. However, it is not that apparent in the iPhone especially as it does not have that feature outright available for users.

Nevertheless, it is still important to clear the cache on the Apple smartphone as it also gathers cached data from different apps, especially the Safari browser. 

Apple iPhone: Clear Cache on Your Device

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A method that TechTimes previously mentioned before is focusing on “Offloading Apps” on the iPhone storage tab on the Settings app of the iOS, no matter which version it is. Nevertheless, one would not want to offload apps if they are in use, as it would be like uninstalling the device, and needing to use it would result in reinstalling it via the App Store. 

For a different approach, for users who want to clear the cache on their devices to remove all the existing cached data and better the process of their smartphones, there is a way to do it without offloading. 

Users only need to restart the iPhone via the Assistive Touch, simply by going to Device > More > and clicking Restart. 

According to Apple, users may use the button on the sides, particularly with the Volume Down button and the Power button for the iPhone X, 11, 12, and 13. 

Doing so would clear the device’s cache and help it function faster compared to before. 

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iPhone Web Browser Cache: Clear It on Safari

On the other hand, users may do this on their web browsers, particularly with Safari, if this is the app that they commonly use to surf the internet on their smartphones. It is also fairly easy to do, with multiple methods available on the device’s Settings or via the Safari settings to help them in clearing their storage. 

According to CNET, it is important to do this at least once a month, especially to see significant changes and performance boosts for the device. 

One method focuses on the iPhone’s Settings, and users need to go to the app and access Safari’s dedicated settings available there. 

From the Safari page, scroll down to see ‘Advanced’ and choose ‘Website Data.’ Users would also need to scroll down from here and look for ‘Remove Website Data’ and choose to delete now. 

On the other hand, users may choose the ‘Clear Browsing History and Data,’ and this will garner almost the same results for the procedure. 

Why is it Important to Clear Cache? 

It is important to clear cache regularly as these data are stored in the device and over time, it would not have any significant help or performance boost to help in their app or browser needs. Essentially, these cached data will only clutter the device, take up storage, and affect the RAM that focuses on the process and track of the iPhone. 

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