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Are you waiting for a price drop to upgrade your iPhone? Then you have to wait for at least six more months. A recent study unveiled that the price of the iPhone 13 will drop by seven percent in a few months after its release last month.

iPhone 13 Price Dropping by Seven Percent

Residents of Southeast Asia must wait up to six months to purchase the iPhone 13 since the price is expected to drop by seven percent, per IGN.

In the study conducted by Southeast Asia’s leading online shopping companion iPrice, the said iPhone 13 price will drop from $1,085 to $1,012 by March 2022. In addition to this, consumers who want to wait after a whole year to purchase the new iPhone 13 might want to reconsider since the price drop is expected to be only at one percent by then.

“This means that there is a potential 7 percent (US$73) price drop after six months, which is a sizeable amount for people on a tight budget. After a year, the price will only slightly drop further to US$995, making a total difference of US$90 from the original price,” iPrice furthered.

In terms of iPhone affordability, the research also noted that the average salary of people from Southeast Asians is $1,079 a month. In relation to this, Money Super Market stated that Filipinos must work for more than 90 days to afford the newly released iPhone 13. This only means that the price drop of the iPhone 13 after six months may be a reason to purchase the new Apple device.

For background information, iPrice has evaluated the price history of iPhones X, XS, 11, and 12 throughout the years, which determined the projected price drop of the iPhone 13, per IGN. Through this assessment, the study showed that the iPhone 12 had a massive price drop as compared to the other evaluated iPhone products. The original price of the said device has dropped to 12 percent after 12 months since it was released.

The reported price drop of the iPhone 12 was followed by iPhone X with a ten percent discount, iPhone 11 which had a seven percent price decrease, and the iPhone XS variant with four percent.

Keep in mind that this is merely a projection by iPrice, and Apple has not yet released a statement addressing this price drop.

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iPhone 13 Specs You Must Know Before Buying

In case you are wondering if iPhone 13 is worth purchasing, Tom’s Guide has shared a remarkable specs and features that the device contains.

  •  Display: The iPhone 13 has an adaptive 120Hz refresh rate, and it also contains an OLED panel. The said refresh rate will provide a smooth-scrolling experience for the consumers.
  • Camera: The iPhone 13 has a 12MP selfie and rear cameras. Tom’s Guide said that the ultra-wide camera delivers more scene as well as an upgraded Night Mode shot.
  • Chipset: The new device contains A15 Bionic chip, and it is claimed as the fastest chip.
  • Battery: It has a 4352 mAh, and Tom’s guide stated that it lasts up to 10 hours and 33 minutes.

To purchase the iPhone 13, go to this site.

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