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i honestly don’t know if this is the right thread for this but i need help in deciding.


i love android phones so much but use a mac because its much better for me interface and OS-wise. i’m in quite a dilemma though, my google pixel is sadly almost retiring after years of service, and i’m deliberating between getting an iphone (my pixel and mac didn’t really agree that much) for the sake of easy transfers and compatibility, or an ipad because it can substitute my mac for quick trips and sudden meetings. 


my question is not either or–i’d like to ask experienced users;

which iphone (i don’t want the 12) is still relevant today and will still be in a few years that will not break the bank?


and which ipad is honestly worth buying for productivity and performance? (i do basic graphic design and use a few tools that are not really that heavy)


thanks to anyone who could shed some light on my lame ass dilemma 


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