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LISBON — The final person to testify, Troy Walker, a criminal investigator with the Columbiana County Prosecutor’s Office, provided some information about the final conversations and arguments found between the defendant Terrance Haywood and the murder victim Destiny Moody, also known as Destiny Penny.

Walker said he and others from the county prosecutor’s office went to the scene the day Moody’s body was discovered. The office issued the subpoenas for the phone records of Moody. Walker testified to the Facebook records from Moody and Haywood’s accounts, which included Facebook messages sent from Moody’s account after the time of death.

Reading from some of the messages from Haywood’s phone, Walker testified about how the couple appeared to be arguing more in the last month or so before Moody’s death, escalating in the final couple of days. In several messages she told Haywood she was done and told him she wanted him out of her house. In several of his messages, he told her he hated her or that he was going to kill her.

“I should have killed you last night,” one of Haywood’s messages read on Sept. 22, with additional death threats made on Oct. 12, Oct. 15 and Oct. 19.

Moody’s messages indicated she was tired of the relationship. She apologized for being damaged goods and not good enough for him and she said she needed him out of her life.

On Oct. 21, the day before she was shot, Haywood accused her of taking some money belonging to him, an accusation she denied.

“Just get the (expletive) out of my house,” Moody messaged Haywood. “You wore out your welcome. Just go.”

Additionally, Walker testified there were photographs of two firearms on Haywood’s Facebook account, both of which appeared to be the same guns that were found in the alley near Moody’s home after the murder. One of those guns, the Cobra 380, was identified by Ohio BCI as being the murder weapon.

While Moody’s time of death is believed to be 2:21 a.m. Oct. 22, 2019, there were five calls from Moody’s phone to Haywood’s phone after her death, between 2:44 a.m. and 2:54 a.m. At one point, prior to her death, Moody had messaged Haywood telling him to stop going through her phone, which investigators believe means he had access to it.

When questioned by defense attorney Dennis McNamara, Walker admitted he does not know who sent the final messages and calls after the time investigators believe was her time of death, just that they came from Moody’s Facebook account or phone.

Additionally, McNamara asked about why there were more than 6,000 pages of Facebook records for Haywood alone, but only about 50 or fewer records were gone over in court. Walker noted he and Lt. Marsha Eisenhart made decisions about which records were relevant to the case. Walker noted there were a number of messages involving medical history, drugs and sexual matters that were not relevant to the death of Moody.

Following Walker’s testimony, the prosecution rested its case at 10:10 a.m. McNamara and Haywood did not offer any testimony on his behalf.

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