Introducing Tech Tunes: Music to Work to (September 2020) – Security Sales & Integration

Whether you’re driving from job to job, working on location or sitting at your desk, this playlist curated by SSI will help you power through your day.

As you are hopefully aware by now, SSI‘s podcasts are now available on Spotify and Apple. Since we had to create a Spotify account in order to upload SSI podcasts I figured, why not start curating playlists for our audience?

So here we are. Tech Tunes will be a monthly playlist featuring songs chosen by SSI editors to help you get through the work day. Whether you prefer to listen to podcasts in the van, or blazing guitar solos on the job site, we have you covered.

These playlists will feature a mix of classics and deep cuts from artists you know and love, as well as some new bands that just might become your new favorite.

This month’s playlist ranges from gems by Led Zeppelin and the Doors, to the latest release by Weezer and much more.

Take a listen below and don’t be ashamed to bust out your best air drumming performance (unless you’re driving — safety first!). Note you will need to open Spotify in order to listen to the full songs. Also feel free to share your favorite song with us in the comments below or on social media. You might find it in a future playlist!

September 2020 Tech Tunes

Where to Listen to SSI Podcasts

The SSI podcast, Security Speaking, features SSI editors chatting with leaders across the security industry to explore the hot issues, trends, challenges, opportunities and more impacting the market. Here’s where to find it:

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