Internet cat sensation Lil Bub who raised £540,000 for animal charities dies – Mirror Online

We all love an underdog, even when it’s a cat.

So the death of celebrated moggy Lil Bub has hit her millions of internet followers really hard.

The bulbous-eyed feral kitten had dwarfism and never got bigger.

She had no teeth and an extra toe on each paw plus an under­developed jaw so her tongue ­always hung out . But despite her odd looks Bub was a pet influencer and helped raise £540,000 for animal charities in her eight-year life.

On Instagram , Mike Bridavsky wrote: “Bub has made a huge difference in the world of animal welfare.”

Camille Ashforth, of Webbox Natural, makers of pet food and toys, said: “Lil Bub was a great advocate for rescue animals and those who look a little less than ordinary.

Grumpy Cat also achieved huge web fame

“Perfect in her own way, Lil Bub celebrated the ­underdog and we are sure, together with her owner, encouraged thousands across the world to rescue a pet in need instead of buying a so-called perfect pup or kitten online.

“Lil Bub was a great example of an influencer using their status for good, raising thousands for charity and awareness about adopting animals.”

Lil Bub is not the only social media phenomenon to attract big bucks. Grumpy cat, real name Tardar Sauce, partnered with Friskies food, released films and joined celeb guests on the red carpet.

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